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Naturkost Übelhör is your organic sugar wholesaler.
We sell organic beet sugar 25 kg cartons with PP inlay.

Our organic sugar is naturally gluten-free and vegan.
Organic beet sugar
Beet sugar
Organic beet sugar is a natural product obtained from organically grown sugar beet. Growing organic sugar is a complex process, as weeds can only be removed mechanically or by hand. To obtain organic sugar from these beets, they must first be cleaned and crushed. The beet sugar juice is then extracted from the beet using hot water in an extraction tower. This juice is then boiled until only a sugary solution remains. This is separated from the dark molasses in a centrifuge. This produces brownish to white organic beet sugar. The molasses and dried pulp are further utilised as animal feed.

Buy organic beet sugar 25 kg wholesale

Bakeries, food producers and retailers buy our organic sugar to produce high-quality organic products such as organic drinks, baked goods, jams, juice, confectionery and ice cream.
Organic beet sugar is a natural sweetener produced by our partners from organically grown sugar beet. It has a high degree of purity and contains no additives, preservatives or chemical residues. Organic beet sugar is characterised by a mild and pleasant taste that does not mask the flavours of the other ingredients. Organic sugar beet sugar is easily soluble and does not crystallise, which improves the consistency and shelf life of the food.
EU Organic Regulation


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25 kg carton with PP inlay

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CO2 pressure treatment
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Sugar beet cultivation is good for the environment because sugar beet improves the soil, protects the groundwater, promotes biodiversity and binds a lot of CO2.
Organic sugar beet absorbs the nitrogen bound in the soil better than other plants due to its very long vegetation period and roots that are up to two metres deep. In this way, sugar beet protects the groundwater and the atmosphere. Thanks to its long roots, sugar beet loosens the soil and prevents compaction. In addition, 99 per cent of the sugar beet leaves are chopped into small pieces and remain on the field as natural green manure. The cultivation of organic sugar beet for sugar production is an important part of agricultural crop rotation. They are always grown in rotation with other crops, often winter cereals, over several years. In this way, they complement and enrich the cereal-rich crop rotations that are common today.

To summarise organic beet sugar processing, it can be said that sugar beet cultivation has many ecological advantages and contributes to sustainable agriculture. In addition, efficient use of water is ensured in the country of origin, the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides is reduced and energy requirements are lowered.

Cleaning service

Reinigungsanlage Naturkost Uebelhoer
On the cleaning line at Naturkost Übelhör, we use highly efficient and ecologically safe cleaning processes to gently and thoroughly clean gluten-free seeds. In this way, we ensure the highest level of food safety and deliver finely sorted goods that are practically free from any foreign bodies in certified organic quality.

We also offer this service for third-party products.

More about our cleaning services

Logistics service

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Professional temperature-controlled transport is one of the most sensitive disciplines in logistics. We know and fulfil the high requirements in this area and offer the highest quality in terms of personnel, management and equipment.

More about our logistics services
  • Documentation of the temperature curve by means of the most modern measuring systems
  • Temperature range from -28°C to +28°C
  • The trailers are equipped with double decks and can be loaded by rail.
  • Orders can be sent to the vehicle via a communication terminal, but on the other hand status, queries etc. can also be reported back
  • Electronic cold chain monitoring, live alarm to dispatching in case of deviations from the predefined bandwidth
  • Frigo with XL - Code

Organic certificates

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Naturkost Übelhör lives quality and guarantees it not only through personal on-site inspections and the use of proven analytical tools.
The company has been GFSI (FFSC) certified since 2016.
It also has EU organic certification from Kiwa BCS (DE-ÖKO-001) and other organic certifications such as BIOLAND, NATURLAND, BioSuisse and USDA NOP.
We are also authorised to trade with the following seals: FairTrade, UTZ and RSPO.

More about quality & certifications

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