Values / History

Firmly rooted at home – especially since the company site is so closely connected with agriculture as Naturkost Übelhör is in Württemberg im Allgäu.

Healthy food and the protection of our ecosystem, an awareness of fair trade and of a good working relationship with business partners – these are the values which still hold true at home.

Quality, reliability and competence

Quality, reliability and competence

Since 1987 Übelhör has stood for quality, reliability and competence when it comes to organic raw materials.

We combine the best value for money to our customers and show responsibility in dealing with producers.

Reliable products, first class service
The Naturkost Übelhör GmbH & Co. KG sells reliable organic products whose producers feel committed to the environment.

Competence in advice and service as well as flexibility when it comes to the individual wishes of our customers – for our staff, simply a matter of course.

Since 1987 at home in the organic food sector
What began on May 1, 1987, when the company was founded by Josef Übelhör, has now grown into an internationally represented company which sells more than 450 products and has 50 employees. The loyalty of the employees to the company and the resulting competence of each individual is a real bonus for our customers

Perfect logistics for perfect timing
Today, Naturkost Übelhör imports and exports first class organic raw materials all around the world.

With its own high-bay warehouse, a logistics system individually tailored to customers wishes and with subsidiaries and partnerships in Mexico and Hamburg, Naturkost Übelhör is able to supply any quantity of products, at the highest quality, at guaranteed fixed prices and at the agreed time. Customers benefit from the constant availability of raw materials.

Established in many markets
The customer base covers the entire organic sector, such as

· mills
· wholesale
· bakeries
· soya processors
· food industry
· packing plants

Even the cosmetics industry and pet food manufacturers now belong to our clientele.

Commitment and philosophy

Commitment and philosophy

A responsible company
Since the company was founded, the number of employees has grown steadily. Our goal is to grow at least as strongly as the organic market and ideally a little bit faster.

We are also a company that has been taking on trainees since 1977. Offering in-service training and further training, promoting the development and growing competence of each individual – these are declared business goals to which we are committed.

Committed to the environment
The preservation of natural ecosystems is inextricably linked to the global expansion of organic food production. Through fair purchasing prices and reliable business policies, we help to ensure that more and more farmers opt for environmentally friendly farming practices and thus make an active contribution to environmental protection.

Already in the founding year 1987, we helped a group of Demeter farmers to achieve reasonable prices for their products on the European market. In this tradition, we are still on the look-out for partners to whom we can always offer a real alternative to the overexploitation of nature.

Find markets, develop markets
We see ourselves as mediators between farmers and trade. Naturkost Übelhör is the right place for anyone looking for a particular organic product and needing a reliable importer for it.

We operate in both directions: farmers who want to get their products onto the European market are in good hands with us, just as product enhancers or traders who are looking for new organic food. The former can rely on our knowledge of the market. The latter benefit from our global network of potential producers that has grown rapidly over the years.

Our promise: 100% organic
We do not import any raw materials that can be produced by organic farmers in our country in sufficient quantities.

Our imports are limited to products that are regionally not adequately available, or for climatic reasons can not be grown here.

More emphasis on regional products
The diversity of the food market demands products that have to be grown, for example, in South America or Africa. Everything we do is focused on this.

In a self-commitment to domestic agriculture, we categorically reject a cost-driven competition for raw materials produced here.

History of our company

History of our company

01.05.1987 Founding of Naturkost Übelhör KG by the general partner Josef Übelhör and the limited partner Maria Übelhör

Construction and opening of a new high-bay warehouse on the property of the founder. Recruitment of the first employees

Cooperation with important logistic operator and warehouse keeper in Hamburg

Christian Übelhör becomes a limited partner and begins his career in the company. Recruitment of the first trainees.

Renaming of KG to GmbH & Co. KG
Christian Übelhör accepts the limited partnership shares of Maria Übelhör

Foundation of the subsidiary in Mexico
This was necessary to support a project for the cultivation of chia seed, as well as to ensure the procurement of raw materials in Mexico and Latin America.
Company receives the ISO 9001 and HACCP certificate.

Christian Übelhör takes over
On 01.01.2009 Christian Übelhör succeeds his father Josef Übelhör and takes over the management of Naturkost Übelhör GmbH & Co.KG as managing partner.
Planning and implementation of office extension in Leutkirch.

Move to new office building
And: Naturkost Übelhör GmbH & Co. KG receives approval to market the Chia seed (Salvia hispanica) as a food in the EU and opens the Sachia online shop.

Above-average growth
With the above-average growth in all areas and product ranges, new jobs are created and new employees hired.

25-year anniversary
Naturkost Übelhör GmbH & Co. KG celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Change in the shareholder structure for 01.01.2013.
In addition to Christian Übelhör, Marc Netten joins as another managing partner.

New Production and Cleaning Facility
„The start of our production and cleaning facility. Also, we will be adding 200 additional pallet spaces to our storage area.”

The foundation of our American Subsidiary Company “Naturkost USA”.
Naturkost Übelhör receives the DIN ISO 22.000 and FSSC certification.

Naturkost Übelhör celebrates its 30th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of the "Sachia" brand.