Taking responsibility and action worldwide

Since the beginning in 1987, Naturkost Übelhör has wanted to help as many farmers as possible to opt for organic production through a fair selling price and a reliable business policy. We thus help to preserve natural ecosystems and to prevent pollutants from entering our vulnerable environment. This is beneficial for all of us and an active and important contribution to environmental protection.

Organic is our promise to you. We do not import any raw materials which are available regionally in sufficient quantities. Our imports are focused on products that are either not sufficiently available or cannot be grown regionally for climatic reasons. This enables us to provide a variety of raw foodstuffs which are used and demanded by the food industry. This principle protects our regional organic farming. This will also hold true in the future!

Organic is not only our promise, but also a matter of trust. In order to offer our customers high quality products, we personally make sure of how and where they are grown in the areas of origin, and whether the existing resources are handled responsibly.

In this context, we visit projects around the world to convince ourselves that our goods all come from organic farming.

But part of our philosophy is also to support the development of international projects through expert advice given to local farmers. We pay special attention to quality, sustainability and compliance with fair trade policies, such as fair compensation and the prohibition of child labour.

We maintain long-term stable partnerships with our suppliers. In this way, but also by being on the ground in cultivation areas as mentioned above, we can offer a comprehensive range of organic raw materials. Various products are additionally certified by Naturland, UTZ, RSPO, Bio Suisse and NOP.

Furthermore, through our own constant checks and tests carried out by accredited laboratories, we can also guarantee the quality standards DIN ISO 22.000, FSSC 22.000 and IFS Broker Version 2  which are demanded by industry.


NKÜ promises our suppliers:

  • direct and long-term trade relations
  • harvest pre-financing on request
  • guaranteed purchase and long-term planning of organic farming
  • annual contracts
  • crop consulting
  • providing product labels
  • fair product prices

The suppliers promise NKÜ:

  • high quality products in organic quality
  • national social, environmental and labour law is respected
  • employees are paid fairly
  • decent, secure jobs
  • prohibition of child labour and forced labour

What we do specifically:

1. Naturkost Übelhör in Mexico > Sachia® Chia seeds

Since 2001, the team led by Christan Übelhör has known about these chia seeds (Salvia hispanica). On one of his many trips Christian Übelhör become acquainted with the seeds in Mexico. It quickly became apparent that this was not known at all in Europe and came under the Novel Food Regulation.
We maintained our interest in the subject and in 2006 founded a subsidiary in Mexico (Naturkost de Mexico) which is responsible for the cultivation, cleaning and selling of chia seeds of organic and conventional quality.

Naturkost de Mexico | www.organic-mexico.com

We have 31 colleagues in our plant in Mexico.

Our colleagues are employed full time the whole year and have health insurance. This is not common in Mexico – often only temporary work contracts are concluded. We see it as being our social responsibility. They receive regular training in order to guarantee the Sachia® quality.


Other things that we are engaged in:

To continue to promote the organic idea, we specifically support farmers in Latin America in the conversion from conventional to organic farming and give them the assurance that we will accept the goods at the agreed price after harvest. Often we already finance the seed and are taking a risk along with the farmer.

This creates a long-term trusting partnership – financial security for the farmer – availability of raw materials for us.

It is important for Naturkost Übelhör to share social action and social responsibility with our employees and partners worldwide. Environmental sustainability is very important to us – this is why we support it in the countries of origin.

Social Projects in Germany

We organize a “kindergarten breakfast” with our trainees:
  • The first breakfast on 18 November 2015
  • The second one on 5 April 2016
We promote regional sports:
  • Since 2011 we have been sponsoring the youth department of FC Memmingen
  • Since 2014, the TowerStars Ravensburg
  • Since 2016, the GettingTough team
Adopt a Tree Program – Allgäu

Buchenhain  Sustainability BuchenhainIn June 2016, Naturkost Übelhör GmbH & Co.KG decided to take part in the “Adopt a Tree Program” in the Allgäu region. The company will sponsor a 40 year-old Beech tree population for the next ten years. Sponsorship can be extended at any time and is also being planned by management. The goal is to conserve the environment in which naturally occurring animals and plants live.

We produce our own electricity with solar energy:

Photovoltaic systems are installed on all roofs of the company building. This is also planned for the new production hall.