Chia Project Uganda

Sachia ® Organic Chia Seeds from Uganda

In the heart of Africa, conditions are ideal for the cultivation of Chia.

The regions Kitwanga und Oyam in Uganda located north of Lake Victoria and just above the equator, are known for organic farming and many farms are in the process of conversion to organic production methods.

We have been in touch with the corresponding farmers since 2015 and mutually we are working on the Chia-Uganda-project.

The harvest takes place in August. This year (2017), the heavy rains complicate the harvest and Christian Übelhör is on site in order to support the farmers.

Chia Uganda Bild Naturkost UEbelhoer.JPGChia Uganda Bild Naturkost UEbelhoer
Chiaanbau Uganda Bild Naturkost UEbelhoer.JPGChiaanbau Uganda Bild Naturkost UEbelhoer

On an area of overall 650 ha, organic Chia is grown and this project is EcoCert certified.

The farmers are trained in organic farming on a regular basis by our local partners – the only way to ensure the required quality standard.

It is our concern that the farmers are able to live off their work and we therefore commit to fair wages and safe working conditions.

We collaborate with overall 2.000 people on this project.

Almost everything is hand-made in Uganda – due to careful picking by hand, the Chia crop can be harvested at the right time.

Zusammenkunft Uganda Bild Naturkost UEbelhoer.JPGZusammenkunft Uganda Bild Naturkost UEbelhoer

The drying of the harvested plants is carried out on drying racks next to the field.

For threshing, the plants are delivered to a collection point and the thresher is (how else could it be?) operated with solar power.

Afterwards, the seeds are further on dried in the sun.

Once the drying process is finished, the seeds are packed in 50kg bags and delivered to local collection points where they are inspected, evaluated and allocated to every farmer.

Dreschplatz Uganda Bild  Naturkost UEbelhoer.JPGDreschplatz Uganda Bild  Naturkost UEbelhoer

From there, they are sent to the capital Kampala, where the seeds are prepared for exportation in a newly built cleaning plant.

Reinigung Uganda Bild Naturkost UEbelhoer.JPGReinigung Uganda Bild Naturkost UEbelhoer