Giving smiles away


Naturkost de Mexico is one of our subsidary.

As part of the Social Responsibility activities of Naturkost de Mexico and to celebrate Children's Day in our country, we carried out the Toy Drive 2019 under the motto Together for a Smile.

With the support from the Foundation of Civil Hospitals of Guadalajara, Naturkost de Mexico staff distributed toys to 120 pediatric patients both with an inpatient or outpatient basis of the Old Civil Hospital of Guadalajara.

The Civil Hospital of Guadalajara is a university hospital complex that operates in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, since the end of the 18th century. It offers integral health services to the economically disadvantaged population. Every day it provides care to 11,400 patients, counting children and adults.

For its part, the Civil Hospitals Foundation of Guadalajara organizes and manages shares with private, public and government institutions, which allows to obtain financial donations to be channeled to patients with medical needs that are treated at Civil Hospitals of Guadalajara.