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Food transport reliable
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We develop an individual, customised concept especially for you to get your goods to their destination on time. We are experts in FTL and LTL food transport and know how to fulfil your requirements. As a wholesaler and freight forwarder for foodstuffs (organic and conventional), we have a great deal of experience and expertise in this area and will be happy to assist you.

Certified according to GMP+ transport, storage, trade

We ensure the traceability of the flow of goods. The quality assurance system relates to the areas of trade, storage, handling and transport of grain and animal feed.
Thanks to our many years of experience, we guarantee FTL/LTL transport of your products in compliance with the 6Rs of logistics:

★ the right product
★ at the right time
★ at the right place
★ in the right quantity
★ in the right quality
★ and at the right cost.
Professional temperature-controlled transport is one of the most sensitive disciplines in logistics. The requirements in this area are high and the highest quality of personnel, management and equipment is constantly needed.
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FTL LTL Transport Lebensmittel

Specialised freight forwarder for food

Our top priorities are reliability, punctual collection and delivery of the goods, as well as a constant flow of information and monitoring of your goods. We ensure all of this:
  • Documentation of the temperature curve using state-of-the-art measuring systems
  • Temperature range from -28°C to +28°C
  • The trailers are equipped with double decks and can be loaded by rail
  • Orders can be sent to the vehicle via a communication terminal, but status, queries etc. can also be reported back
  • Electronic cold chain monitoring, live alerting of dispatchers in the event of deviations from the predefined bandwidth
  • Frigo with XL code

Food transport of grain and seeds

Naturkost Übelhör has decades of experience in the food transport of grains and seeds. As a forwarding agency for grain and seeds, we pay particular attention to compliance with hygiene and quality standards in accordance with GMP+ Transport Grain. Our means of transport are clean, dry and free from pests. During transport: foodstuffs are safely protected from moisture, mould, contamination and mechanical damage. The temperature and humidity are constantly monitored and documented. Traceability of the goods is guaranteed, as is electronic cold chain monitoring with immediate live alerts to the dispatcher in the event of deviations from the predefined range.
As a freight forwarder for foodstuffs, we pay particular attention to the legal regulations and the requirements of our customers.

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Organic grain transport

Transporting organic grain by lorry requires us, as a grain haulage company, to take a number of special measures to ensure the quality and safety of the goods. Firstly, the lorry must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before loading in order to avoid contamination with conventional grain or harmful substances. Secondly, the lorry must remain closed and sealed during the journey to prevent mixing with other loads or theft.

Transport of cocoa, amaranth, quinoa and other superfoods

FTL LTL Transport Kakao
Transporting cocoa and raw materials for other superfoods by lorry is a challenge that Naturkost Übelhör, as a specialised organic wholesaler, is very familiar with. Cocoa products, cocoa derivatives and superfoods in general are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, moisture, mould and pests. They must therefore be transported in special containers or bags that ensure a constant temperature and humidity. Compliance with quality standards, sustainability criteria and hygiene regulations is a matter of course for us in order to guarantee the freshness and safety of your products.

Seed shipping of chia, hemp, linseed, sunflower seeds ...

FTL LTL Transport Chia Leinsamen Sonnenblumen
Naturkost Übelhör takes special precautions to ensure the quality and safety of its products. The most important aspects include:
  • The selection of suitable packaging that protects the seeds from moisture, mould, pests and contamination.
  • Compliance with legal regulations for the transport of foodstuffs, such as labelling, documentation and hygiene.
  • Permanent monitoring of the temperature and humidity in the hold to preserve the shelf life and nutritional value of the seeds.
  • Avoiding mechanical damage or crushing of the seeds by securing the load appropriately and driving carefully.
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of the lorry and the hold to avoid cross-contamination with other products or residues.

Transport of sugar and sweeteners

FTL LTL Transport Zucker Suessungsmittel
We take special precautions when transporting sugar by lorry to ensure the quality and safety of the product. These precautions include:
  • The use of suitable containers that are clean, dry and free from foreign matter.
  • Compliance with the legal requirements for the transport of foodstuffs, such as temperature control, load securing and hygiene regulations.
  • Avoiding damage or loss of sugar due to mechanical influences, moisture or pests.
  • Proper labelling and documentation of the sugar, e.g. weight, best-before date and batch number.

FTL transport of your foodstuffs

FTL transport stands for "Full Truck Load", which means that as a shipper you book an entire lorry for your freight and the entire loading space is available to you. The advantage of FTL transport is that the goods are transported directly from the sender to the recipient without detours or reloading. This saves time and protects the goods from possible damage caused by other goods or additional loading processes. FTL is therefore the optimal or even the only option if the freight is very large, time-critical or - as with foodstuffs - very sensitive.

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FTL advantages

  • Short delivery times, as the goods are loaded directly without combining part loads and no detours, stopovers or reloading are required on the transport route.
  • Greater flexibility and adaptability, as you as the shipper can determine the collection and delivery times as well as the route.
  • All goods reach the recipient at the same time, as everything is consolidated on one loading area, which makes planning and processing easier.
  • Greater security and protection of the goods, as the lorry is sealed and only opened by the recipient.

FTL disadvantages

  • Costs are higher for an exclusive delivery than for a normal delivery.
  • Freight with low weight or volume does not optimally utilise the transport potential.

LTL transport

Another type of lorry transport is LTL = "Less than Truck Load", where your freight only takes up part of the loading space. As a freight company, we use the remaining capacity to transport partial loads from different customers. With LTL transport, several consignments are delivered from different shippers to different recipients.
LTL transport is particularly suitable for consignments that cannot fill the lorry completely and at the same time are not very time-critical or temperature-sensitive. Particularly in today's times of e-commerce, where many different and mostly light and small shipments are involved, this is the most economical forwarding service. This is why LTL freight forwarding has become increasingly important in recent years. 
If you regularly ship goods that do not require a full loading area, LTL is a good choice.

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LTL advantages

  • Low costs, as the freight charge is split between several shippers.
  • Small to medium freight volumes can be shipped economically.

LTL disadvantages

  • The delivery time is longer, as the part loads first have to be put together and the transport route involves more detours, stopovers and reloading.
  • Precise calculation of freight capacity, route and delivery times required in order to combine the part loads efficiently.
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