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Position. Clarity. Consistency.

Acting out of conviction is the most convincing way to act.

Our conviction that we bear responsibility serves as the foundations of Naturkost Übelhör. Responsibility for the environment and for the people we live and work with.
From goal to goal. From optimisation to optimisation.

Thinking a step ahead and taking that step.

Since 1987 when the company Naturkost Übelhör was founded, our mission is to promote organic farming globally in order to conserve our natural ecosystems. And to focus on business relations founded on fairness and respect. We have consistently pursued this approach and we have grown not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively. And we continue on a path of consistent development, with optimised processes and vertical value chains …
What matters to us. And how we handle matters.

Our processes and standards set standards.

Learn about how we structure our processes and how we define and implement our quality standards. Ensuring that you always end up with precisely the quality you need for your products.
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Discoverer. Developer. Further developer.

We have introduced chia seeds and their various possibilities to Europe.

When the team discovered the oilseed chia on a trip to find raw materials in Mexico in 2001, it very quickly became evident that adding it to the portfolio would pay off. As chia was subject to the Novel Food Regulation, quite some time passed before Naturkost Übelhör could hold the first import licence for chia in the European Union in its hands in 2010. These days, we import chia not only from Mexico, but also from Uganda, Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay.

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Naturkost Quinoa Ernte v ki
Top quality. At 3,824 m.

Our quinoa project in Peru has grown continuously since 2001.

When Naturkost Übelhör began to trade in Bolivian quinoa in 1996, it soon became clear that the ‘corn of the Incas’ would become an integral part of the portfolio in next to no time. For over 20 years, we offer more than 1,500 farmers and their families a reliable income. Controls throughout the process chain, from cultivation, harvesting, cleaning and packaging through to the supply chain end points, enable us to guarantee consistently high quality.

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Manually harvested. Manually cracked.

From the Bolivian rainforest – naturally grown c.

Our Brazil nut project in Bolivia not only produces high-quality, wild-grown Brazil nuts, but also creates a stable situation locally for the people and nature. The trees which are native to the Amazon rainforest bind carbon dioxide, produce vital oxygen and prevent soil erosion with their deep-lying roots. The ripe fruits are harvested by the local gatherers from November to April and are then subjected to a strictly controlled quality process ranging from manual cracking and sorting through to cleaning. The result – high-quality Brazil nuts which are rich in valuable selenium and high-quality fats.

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Check. Double-check. And check again.

Maximum quality assured.

Our quality assurance processes start when we select our partners in our products’ countries of origin. We know that establishing long-lasting and trusted relationships is the key to producing outstanding quality and guaranteeing full product traceability. Continuous control measures and extensive testing processes in accredited laboratories are part of our comprehensive and rigorous QA system, which guarantees maximum product safety. For example, we wash and sterilise our gluten-free and allergen-free seeds when required and process our fresh lime and agave products in our cleaning facilities in Leutkirch and Guadalajara. Our special pressure chamber in the port of Hamburg also ensures we can protect our products against pests before they leave one of our 7,000 pallet bays. All these measures have led to us receiving a large number of certifications and glowing audit reports. And this is why we’ve been able to serve so many satisfied customers over the years who have come to rely on the exceptional quality of our products.
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Certified reliability.
Our certificates are founded on a simple principle – care.
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Controlled networking. 
From the source through to delivery. Full service included.
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Stringent monitoring of every batch. 
The quality of each and every batch is checked.
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First-class analysis.
Performed by accredited laboratories in Europe.

Firm roots established around the world.

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Naturkost Übelhör has been operating in the organic food sector since 1987. It has a clear mission – to promote the expansion of organic farming around the world on the basis of fair, responsible cultivation and trade. The company, which has its roots in the Allgäu in Württemberg to this day, has a workforce of 65 that sells more than 270 products internationally. Its customer base comprises the entire global organic sector.
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