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Vertical. Fair. Safe.

The entire world of our organic raw materials.

Discover the possibilities offered by Naturkost Übelhör, an international group that globally supplies organic raw materials and semi-finished products which have undergone maximum testing. In reliably consistent quality which is guaranteed at all times by vertical integration.
A clear position. Consistently implemented.

If you create values, you have a responsibility to maintain them too.

We within Naturkost Übelhör have been operating in accordance with our aspiration of preserving ecosystems and preventing harmful substances from finding their way into the environment since 1987.

We therefore see to it that as many farmers as possible around the world opt for organic farming and then integrate them into our value chains: qualitative and quantitative supply chains that not only deliver maximum quality and supply reliability, but also result in fair and long-term contracts and social standards. In this way, we safeguard incomes at the sources, prevent a rural exodus and obtain the natural resources. Out of solidarity with our domestic organic farmers, we do not import any ingredients which are available in sufficient quantities from regional production. This is how we practise the responsibility that we have for people and the environment.

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Hand-picked. Controlled. Cleaned. Enhanced.

The product range that’s all about healthy eating.

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Responsibility. Fairness. Quality.

Our seeds – the key to how your product quality will bloom.

We have been offering our customers high-quality seeds for decades, such as chia (seeds, oil, flour), sunflower seeds, brown flaxseeds, golden flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, blue poppy seeds, sesame seeds and hemp seeds. Each and every product comes in controlled quality which is guaranteed thanks to ongoing farming monitoring, twofold analysis (on-site and in Germany) and our own cleaning facilities. When we discover new and interesting products that could potentially expand our portfolio, we assess them through our customers’ eyes: are the quality, benefit, availability and price right? Only if these questions are answered in the affirmative is another high-quality seed added to our repertoire.

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Rich. Valuable. Sustainable.

Our superfoods – top-quality, concentrated nutrients.

As nutrition awareness increases among consumers, so too does demand for our superfoods. Because as special products with concentrated macro- and micronutrients, they offer virtually unlimited ways in which to sustainably enrich and enhance products. We would be happy to advise you on the topic of superfoods when you are developing new products. And thanks to our business relations in the countries of origin in Latin America, Africa and Asia which have grown over the years, we can ensure that we provide you with sustainably consistent quality ‘Made in Germany’ on the basis of our vertical value chains.

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Fruity. Nutty. Delicious.

Our nuts and dried fruits – veritable diversity which is bursting with energy.

Our nuts and dried fruits afford you all kinds of different options for nutritious products and recipes. This means you can offer your customers delightful variety as well as consistent, energy-rich quality. And you are always on the safe side thanks to our full service ranging from quality assurance processes in the countries of origin to delivery to you. That’s energy that will do both you and your customers good.

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Chia. Quinoa. Oats. Peas.

Our proteins – strength for muscles and for your products.

Thanks to their reliable quality, our proteins feature in many of our customers’ foods, be it in shakes, bars, ice cream, confectionery, sports nutrition, baked goods, beverages, convenience products, meat or cheese substitutes, and even pet food. This is because they make a valuable contribution to muscle development, maintenance and regeneration – in particular in the case of a solely plant-based diet – thanks to the essential amino acids they contain. In addition, they improve the rheological properties of doughs, batters and other food mixtures.

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Partner. Advisor. Supporter.

Are you switching over to organic farming? We’re here to support you.

Would you like to switch from conventional to organic farming? We would be happy to help you with this process. We can offer qualified advice on cultivation methods as well as financial and technical support. We can also help you with the certification processes and the incorporation of your products into our vertical supply chain. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to arrange an initial chat with us.
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Futher information

Mario Barbagallo


A selection of our company’s certifications.

Please refer to the relevant product information for the precise specifications.
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Logistics Übelhör

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