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Our full commitment to organic quality: supporting our bees.

Protecting our super pollinators.

Here at Naturkost Übelhör, we have relied on the pollination powers of the bees for many years. For instance, to ensure that our Sachia® organic chia seeds are pollinated, bee colonies have been placed in the fields to support the wild insect population. But why bees specifically? Bees are super-efficient pollinators. This does not just support plant diversity, but it also increases the quality of the harvested products that our customers expect from us. 
This is why we have been supporting projects around the world for many years which protect ecosystems and biodiversity. This includes giving advice to farmers directly at their farms and helping them to implement specific measures.

We have installed three bee colonies in Leutkirch, which only produced 10 kg of honey in 2021 (one colony can produce up to 25 kg in a good year). The previous winter proved to be difficult for these bee colonies. One colony was severely affected by the cold and wet summer of 2021 and did not survive the winter. The bees are currently only foraging about on very fine days. The temperature needs to be at least 10°C for them to become active. The bees use the first wave of pollen to help them reproduce. It is now important that they find enough food to get the year off to a good start.