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Quality & Certification

We have guaranteed the traceability of our product range ever since the company was founded.
By our compliance with the legal regulations, cooperation with recognized laboratories and last but not least our own claim to offer only certified and trusted organic quality, we are making our contribution to the increasingly important issue of food safety.

FSSC: System for Food Safety

In 2016 Naturkost Übelhör decided to implement a food safety standard and met the requirements of FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification). This step enables us to offer our partners only products of the highest quality.
FSSC is equivalent to other food safety standards such as IFS or BRC.
Important to know: FSSC is based on the international standard ISO 22000, which has been supplemented by further requirements and criteria.
In its current form, FSSC is also recognized by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative). The FSSC approach differs from the other standards. Food retailers have initiated product certifications such as IFS and BRC.
The FSSC 22000 is a holistic management system certification. This enables us to respond more individually to the requirements of international food production with the more extensive FSSC system approach.
The large number of certifications shows that Naturkost Übelhör is committed to the highest possible food safety and product quality.

We would be happy to send you our food safety policy on request:

Batch based traceability is guaranteed for our entire assortment

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Our aim is to provide our customers not only with high quality raw materials, but also to be able to prove who, when and where came in contact with our raw materials, or otherwise had anything to do with them. We have guaranteed the traceability of our range, from the producer to the customer, ever since the company was founded. This transparency is not only an expression of our long-standing expertise in the area of organic produce. It is above all for the protection of our customers.

Compliance with highest quality standards

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We can assure highest quality standards through our cooperation with experienced food laboratories.
We are monitored regularly by the BCS Inspection Body in Nürnberg – through declared testing, as well as irregular visits. The exact adherence to European Organic Regulations is self evident. This applies to our cyclic audits necessary for various certifications.

Since 2007 we are GFSI certified

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As you can see we comply with the highest quality demands the food industry has to offer and are therefore a part of a safe food system.

Naturkost Übelhör Quality Assurance Department

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To meet the high quality demands that our customers require, we have developed a highly sophisticated quality assurance system. The quality of our products is assured for each step within the supply chain.

1. Certified Quality Guarantee

  • Our suppliers are chosen using an explicit selection process
  • Long standing partnerships
  • Consultation for cultivating crops
  • Analysis reports from accredited food laboratories for heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, physical and microbiological parameters…
  • Sensory controls
  • Product traceability has been guaranteed since the foundation of our company in 1987.

2. Preventative pest control

Naturkost Übelhör uses pressurisation for treating its products. In order to protect each product from pests, almost all products go through a preventative pressurization process upon arrival.
The CO2 which is used comes from industrial production processes, in which the gas is fielded before it can be released into the atmosphere. This gas is then treated so that it can be used for the food industry. The gas that we use is explicitly approved for organic products. Through our double chamber system , the CO2 gas can be optimally used. Please take note that we do not release any additional CO2 gas into the atmosphere.
Also we would like to point out that an infestation from other products stored in the same warehouse or suboptimal storage conditions can still lead to an infestion even after the product has been pressurised. However, it is still the best preventative pest control available.

3. Climatised warehouses for sensative products

We have up to 4000 pallet spaces available.

4. We have been certified since 2007

  • All warehouses, production sites and offices are certified according to GFSI. Structurized processes guarantee an optimal product quality.
  • We are continuously monitored by our Organic Certifying Body Kiwa BCS Nürnberg. Not only do they monitor us on a yearly basis, they also conduct unannounced audits. The exact compliance with EU Organic Regulations is self-evident.
  • Not only do we hold EU organic certifications, but also certificates for Naturland, BioSuisse, Bioland, Flo-Fairtrade, RSPO, UTZ and USDA-Organic.
  • Our goal is to provide customers with the best product quality possible, which includes safety!

Organic is a matter of trust

There fore Naturkost Übelhör gives highest priority to complying not only with prescribed quality standards but also with ones formulated by ourselves.


Naturkost Übelhör lives for quality, and guarantees this, not only by personal spot checks and the use of proven analytical tools.
The company has been certified since 2007 according to GFSI and is approved by BIO SUISSE and FAIRTRADE.
In addition, we have customer awards such as the Kiwa BCS, the BIOLAND certificate, NATURLAND certification and the USDA NOP certificate.

Focus on social standards

We keep a close eye on local working conditions. Each of our suppliers must comply with and sign our Code of Conduct.
You can request this from us: certification@organic-germany.com
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