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Cleaning gluten-free organic seeds and gluten-free cereals

Organically grown seeds are free from chemical pesticides and herbicides at harvest. However, it is unavoidable that tiny pests, eggs, dust and other contaminants get mixed into the harvested crop.

Cleaning seeds and grains to the highest organic standards

On the cleaning line at Naturkost Übelhör, we use highly efficient and ecologically harmless grain cleaning processes to clean seeds gently and thoroughly. In this way, we ensure the highest level of food safety and deliver finely sorted goods practically free of any foreign bodies in certified organic quality.
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The seeds and grains that pass through our cleaning line are:

- Free from gluten
- Free from allergens
- Free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
We are your reliable, certified organic partner and service provider for grain cleaning:
• Chia seed cleaning (Salvia hispanica)
• Cleaning buckwheat
• Clean amaranth
• Cleaning quinoa
• Clean linseed
• Cleansing millet
• Clean sunflower seeds
• Cleaning popcorn
• Cleaning pumpkin seeds
• Cleaning teff
• Cleaning hemp nuts (unpeeled)

The right offer for your needs

We can pack your products as required in the following container sizes from 5-30 kg and BigBags (large containers).
We also offer CO2 pressure treatment in Hamburg for storage safety.
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Cleaning seeds and grain in detail

Fine cleaning of grain and seeds

In the first step of fine cleaning, the seeds are freed from impurities such as dust, stones, weed seeds or pests. Fine cleaning takes place in several stages, which are adapted depending on the type of seed. For example, grains are pre-sorted by vibrating sieves, air currents or magnets, while oilseeds are additionally treated by shelling machines or extruders. At Naturkost Übelhör, the fine cleaning of organically grown seeds is carried out purely mechanically in accordance with the guidelines of the EU Organic Farming Regulation, which prohibits the use of chemical or genetically modified substances, among other things.

Sterilisation against pathogens

The sterilisation of gluten-free seeds is an important step in ensuring the quality and safety of the products. For sterilisation, we use processes that greatly reduce the germs on the seeds without affecting the nutrients or flavour. At Naturkost Übelhör, we use UV-C light-based sterilisation methods in accordance with EU organic regulations. This process preserves all the typical properties of the product and maintains its flavour. Sterilisation extends the shelf life of the seeds, reduces the risk of pathogens and can improve the germination capacity.

Colour sorting of cereals and seeds

Colour sorting is carried out fully automatically using optical sorters and sensors from high-precision digital cameras. The seeds are sorted according to their colour, shape and size and unwanted foreign objects such as stones, glass, plastic, wood, metal or mould are removed. Colour sorting can be used both before and after cleaning, drying and hulling the seeds. Colour sorting gives you grain of a consistent, better product quality and further reduces contamination with foreign bodies. All in all, this means a higher yield and added value for your crop.

Metal detectors remove particles and metal chips

In the metal detector, the seeds are irradiated with an electromagnetic field. As metal particles per se have a different electrical conductivity than the seeds, they can be specifically extracted using a magnet or coil. As a result, metal particles are safely separated from the seeds and can be separated out. This process not only improves the quality, but also the safety of the gluten-free seeds. It significantly reduces the risk of contamination from metal shavings or other metallic foreign bodies.

Destoning of seeds and cereal grains

The de-stoner works on the principle of density differences between the seeds and the stones. The seeds are filled into a shaking trough that moves back and forth. The lighter seeds are transported to the top, while the heavier stones sink to the bottom. The seeds are then sucked through a sieve plate, which only allows the desired grain size to pass through. The stones and other foreign bodies are collected in a collection container and disposed of.

CO2 pressure disinfestation of grain and seeds

Pressure disinfestation of gluten-free seeds is a process used to control storage pests and improve quality. It is carried out at the Hamburg site. The seeds are treated in a special facility under high pressure and with carbon dioxide to kill the pests and their eggs and larvae. Pressure disinfestation is particularly suitable for gluten-free seeds such as quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat or millet, as it does not affect the quality or nutritional value of the products. Pressure disinfestation is also a biocompliant process that leaves no toxic residues and is environmentally friendly.
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Professional temperature-controlled transport is one of the most sensitive disciplines in logistics. The demands in this area are high and the highest quality of personnel, management and equipment is constantly required.

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