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Our quinoa project in Peru has grown continuously since 2001.

Andean grains. From Peru. For Europe.

Our quinoa supports the future of many people.

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Whether quinoa, amaranth, canihua or chia, our Andean grains not only provide healthy and valuable nutrition, but also secure the livelihood of our Peruvian employees and partners. Today, this includes more than 1,500 farmers, 24 employees in our factories and 18 administrative staff. Our experience shows that the more fair and reliable we are in our business dealings, the more motivated everyone is to provide high-quality products that please and impress our customers. This is why we are committed to:
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  • Complying with all laws, regulations and national and international procedures relating to our activities and services.
  • Reviewing our management systems and continuously improving the quality standards of our products and services.
  • Following and implementing all standards and procedures stipulated by the relevant authorities in terms of quality, health and safety, and the environment.
  • Training our farmers on all product-related issues to improve product quality and to prevent accidents and environmental damage.
  • Selecting our suppliers fairly to exclude any kind of discrimination.

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