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Sandra Merk’s herb walks.

Want to know more about the herbal treasures that are growing along the footpath? Our herb tours provide some amazing answers.

The things that inspire us around the world also inspire us on our own doorstep. This is especially true when we notice the natural world around us and what it provides us when we treat it with care. Many valuable wild plants grow right outside our front doors. We usually just walk straight past them without knowing how easy they are to use in everyday life and how beneficial they can be. During our herb tours, herbal expert Sandra Merk explains how to identify various species of herb and provides fascinating facts about herbal traditions. What’s more, she provides some tips on how to cook with culinary herbs.
For Sandra Merk, spring until autumn is the best time of the year to experience nature and discover the wonders of herbs. As she explains, ‘Wild herbs are easy to incorporate into your diet each day and will make it more varied and tasty.’ 

The herb tours take place on fixed dates, but they can also be booked individually as a corporate or private event for eight people or more for any occasion. 

For further herbal inspiration, visit Instagram: genussEcht
To book on a herb tour, visit: www.shop.naturkost-germany.com